21 July 2024

Coinage from around the world to be sold at Shropshire auction

A large collection of UK commemorative gold coins, which has been valued at up to £17,000, together with coinage from around the world will be going under the hammer at a leading Shropshire fine art auction house next Wednesday.

The collection has been consigned by the owner, who lives on the Mid Wales coast, to Halls Fine Art’s books, coins and stamps auction in Shrewsbury.

Derek Ainsworth, Halls Fine Art’s coins specialist, said the coins, which are all in mint condition, were originally collected by the owner’s late father and range from £5 and £2 denominations to sovereigns and half sovereigns.

Potential stars are a Royal Mint gold proof sovereign Pistrucci centenary collection 1893-1993, valued at up to £5,000, a Royal Mint gold proof 2004 four coin Sovereign collection, valued at up to £3,500 and a Royal Mint Britannia 1993 gold proof set of four coins – £100, £50, £25 and £10 – which could fetch up to £2,800

Another Royal Mint 1999 UK gold proof three coin Sovereign collection is valued at up to £1,500 while a Royal Mint 1944-1994 gold proof D-Day commemorative 50p coin within a capsule carries an estimate of up to £1,200.

A collection of around 100 Greek, Roman and hammered UK coins dating to the reign of Henry VIII is valued at around £4,000. This collection includes a skilfully plugged James I gold laurel from 1621-’23, valued at up to £700.

The Greek coinage includes a electrum hekte, Mytilene, Lesbos, circa 412-378BC, at up to £600 and an Attica, Athens tetradrachm , circa 430BC, at up to £800.

Continuing the world theme, a Bolivian Philip V 8 reales, dated 1704, is expected to fetch around £600, while an album containing 113 banknotes from around the globe carries an estimate of up to £550.

Closer to home, a collection of 28 late 18th century British banknotes – mostly five guineas and two for £150 – is valued at up to £800, while a 1554 Philip and Mary shilling is expected to make £400.

For dog lovers, a silver heart-shaped medal with certificate, awarded by Our Dumb Friends League, the original name of Blue Cross, to Griffith V. Jones for “conspicuous courage in rescuing dogs from a precipice in 1927″, carries an estimate of up to £400.

For more information about the auction, contact Halls Fine Art on Tel: 01743 450700 or visit the website: https://fineart.hallsgb.com/ .